24 May 2009

The Great Ring of Becoming, in Nietzsche, Will to Power, § 293

by Corry Shores
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The Great Ring of Becoming

Friedrich Nietzsche

The Will to Power

§ 293
(March-June 1888)

All things in life are bound-up with everything else. So to want to eliminate even the slightest detail of our lives is also to negate all else. Hence even if we consider some past action as reprehensible, that does not mean we should want to erase it from history.

But consider if instead we reprehended everything. That means we would reprehend our very own reprehending. We would in fact than affirm all things.

Really all things are equal, and when we deem them otherwise, it is on account of our unique perspective at that time.
If becoming is a great ring, then everything is equally valuable, eternal, necessary. In all correlations of Yes and No, of preference and rejection, love and hate, all that is expressed is a perspective, an interest of certain types of life: in itself, everything that is says Yes.

Nietzsche, Friedrich. The Will to Power. Ed. Walter Kaufmann. Transl Walter Kaufmann and R.J. Hollingdale. New York: Random House Vintage Books, 1967.

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