24 May 2009

The Amorality of Rocks and Men, La Volonté de puissance, Livre III, 468

[The following is summary and not translation. Please check my interpretation against the original text reproduced below.]

The Amorality of Rocks and Men

Friedrich Nietzsche

La Volonté de puissance


Livre III:
Le nihilisme vaincu par lui-même

3. L'innocence du Devenir
(The Innocence of Becoming)


We would not consider the fall of a stone as a moral fact. Likewise, when a man raises his character in self-improvement, this too is not a moral fact.

From the Bianquis translation:

Nul ne prétendra que si la pierre tombe c’est un fait moral. Soit ! Mais si l’homme s’élève, ce n’est pas non plus un fait moral.
1883 ou 1888 (XIII, § 288).

Nietzsche, Friedrich. La Volonté de puissance, II. Transl. G. Bianquis. Paris: Gallimard, 1938.

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