8 May 2000 Relative Pronouns, in L'Huillier, Advanced French Grammar

presentation of L'Huillier's work, by Corry Shores

[Subsection headings are my own]

Monique L'Huillier

Advanced French Grammar

1. Framework

1.1 Parts of Speech

1.1.7 Pronouns Relative Pronouns

(i) Simple and Compound Relative Pronouns


There are simple and compound forms of the relative pronouns:


1) Simple Relative Pronouns: qui, qui, quoi, dont, où.

2) Compound Relative Pronouns: lequel, laquelle, lesquels, lesquelles. 

These form the basis for further compounding with other prepositions, for example, à laquelle, sur lequel, etc.


(ii) Linking Clauses


Relative pronouns can link two clauses – a main clause and a subordinate one.


J’ai retrouvé le livre qui me manquait.

qui represents livre, which is its antecedent; livre is the object of ai retrouvé in the main clause, and the subject of manquait in the subordinate clause.

L'Huillier, Monique. Advanced French Grammar. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999.
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