31 Dec 2008

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by Corry Shores
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Part 1: "Concerning God"

Part 1: Definitions

Definition 1: Self-Causation

Definition 2: Finite after its kind

Definition 3: Substance existing in and conceived through itself

Definition 4: Attribute as what intellect perceives as substance's essence

Definition 5: Mode modifies, exists in, and is conceived through substance

Definition 6: God is infinite, expresses infinite eternal essence

Definition 7: Freedom and necessity as independence and dependence

Definition 8: Eternity as self-existence

Part 1: Axioms

Axiom 1: Existence in self or something else

Axiom 2: Understand something through other things or itself alone

Axiom 3: Every cause has an effect. No effect without a cause.

Axiom 4: Knowing the effect involves knowing the cause.

Axiom 5: Uncommon things do not involve each other.

Axiom 6: True ideas agree with what they are ideas-of.

Axiom 7: Things involving existence must be conceived as existing.

Part 1: Propositions

Proposition 1: Substance is prior to modes.

Proposition 2: Two substances with different attributes have nothing in common.

Proposition 3: Things with nothing in common cannot be cause of one another.

Proposition 5: There cannot be two or more substances sharing a common attribute

Proposition 6: Substances do not produce one another

Proposition 7: Substances by nature exist.

Proposition 8: Every substance is infinite.

Proposition 9: The greater something's reality, the greater its number of attributes.

Proposition 10: Each of the one substance's attributes must by conceived by itself.

Proposition 11: God exists and expresses infinite essence

Proposition 12: Substance is indivisible

Proposition 13: Absolutely infinite substance is indivisible

Proposition 14: There is but God

Proposition 15: All is in God, including Extension, all things are conceived through him

Proposition 16: From God's infinite nature follows an infinite number of things all in his intellect.

Proposition 17: God is Free

Proposition 18: God is the Immanent Cause of Everything

Proposition 25: God is the Cause of All Essences

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