17 Mar 2009

Entry Directory: Husserl, On the Phenomenology of the Consciousness of Internal Time

by Corry Shores
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Edmund Husserl

On the Phenomenology of the Consciousness of Internal Time

B: Supplementary Texts

I "On the Introduction of the Essential Distinction between 'Fresh' Memory and 'Full' Recollection and about the Change in Content and Differences in Apprehension in the Consciousness of Time"

No. 1
"How Does the Unity of a Process of Change that Continues for an Extended Period of Time Come to Be Represented?
Intuition and Re-presentation"

No. 2

Evidence Pertaining to the Perception of Time, to Memory, etc

Durations of Identity, para 34

No. 4.


Perception, Memory, and Expectation

Rings of Tolls, para 36

Gaps Passed and Past Gaps, para 37-41

No. 5

Enduring Perception as Simple Act

Tone of Moments, para 45

Changes Undivided, para 46

The Simplicity of Composition, para 47

Composite Compositions, para 48

No. 7

Intuition, Evidence of Being-Past – Mere Represenation of Being-Past.

Apparent Necessity of Assuming a Change of Content in Primary Memory

Running-Off Representations, para 50

Passing Away Into Present Representations, para 51-52

No. 8

Adequation by Means of Similarity. – Representation of an Object and Representation of the Perception of the Object.

[What is Still Given in Consciousness in “Faded” Fashion (Functioning) by Means of Similarity as Pictorial Representant of What Was Previously Perceived]

Adequation by Means of Similarity

Continuous Conversion of Contents, para 56-57

No. 12

The Evidence of Time-Consciousness

Drifting Melodies, para 76-78

Mathematical Melodies, para 79

Simultaneous Successions of Melodic Sensations, para 80-81

There’s No Point to the Now-Point, para 84-85

No. 15

Time and Memory.

Perception of the Now, Memorial Perception and Phanstasy-Memory. Transferring of the differences into the Mode of Apperception.

Definitions and the Now Field, para 96-97, 106

No. 19

The Complete Exclusion of All Suppositions with Respect to Objective Time

No Objective Time, para 127

No. 25

Adequate Memory. Earlier Perception. – Perception of the Past. Attemp (Aporia).

Why Is Fresh Memory Not Simply the Original Perception Continuing to Endure?

Perception of the Past. Attempt (Aporia)

Different Nows, para 167-168

No. 26

On the Hypothesis: That Perceptions Include the “Temporal Determination” Actually Now, Which, However, Continually Changes, and That Primary Memory Has the Significance of the Abiding of These Perceptions

Climaxing Now, para 181

No. 27

Attempt at a Survey: the Fundamental Temporal Distinctions. There-itself and Objectivation

The Thickness of the Moment, para 194

No. 29

Meinong’s Distinction between Distributed and Undistributed Objects

Abstractum Now: Moments Overlap, para 239

No. 33

Results of the Stern-Meinong Discussion

Blending Back the Past, para 252-253

Constancy of Changes, para 284

No. 36

On the Seefeld Reflection. The Typical, the Mathematical, and the Unity of the Temporal Object

Lengths of Non-Extending Moments, para 311-313

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