19 Jan 2011

Entry Directory: Husserl Phenomenology Series

Corry Shores  

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Husserl Phenomenology Series, Entry Directory

What does Husserl got to do with you?

When we become more aware of something, we can appreciate it more. What if we became aware of our own awareness? Might we not learn some probing insights about how we give meaning and value to our lives, relations, and the things in the world around us?

Relevance to Deleuze:

Deleuze poses alternate theories of our awareness. Perhaps Deleuze deserves the attention of phenomenological studies.

Husserl is the founder of a field of philosophical inquiry called Phenomenology. On the basis of his labor, genius, and technical innovations, humans obtained powerful and fruitful tools for examining consciousness and things related to it.

From Husserl's Works

Husserl, Ideas I, Entry Directory

Husserl, Logical Investigations, entry directory 

Husserl, On the Phenomenology of the Consciousness of Internal Time, Entry Directory

Secondary Works on Husserl

Manifolds of Time, Dimensions of Duration: Bergson’s and Husserl’s Different Riemannian Multiplicities

Kelly's "Husserl, Deleuzean Bergsonism and the Sense of the Past in General", Entry Directory

Nicolas de Warren’s Husserl and the Promise of Time summary of Ch1Sb4 “Transcendental Reductions”

My Own Works

Husserl’s Complex Intention and Its Unintended Tension: The Ambiguous Constitution of Consciousness Happening Now

Husserl’s Wandering Wonder: The Tensed Body’s Supple Spirit (Object Constitution and Synthesis from the Body to Cultural Objects)

Husserl’s Melody of Internal Time

Melodies of Time: Deleuze’s Anti-Husserlian Theory of Phenomena

Three Times Time Equals Flow: Husserl's Tripartite Stream of Consciousness

Notes From Leuven Husserl Archive Seminars

Husserl’s Phantom, According to Ullrich Melle and Filip Mattens of the Leuven Husserl-Archief

Husserl's Shorthand, Gabelsberger

Gabelsberger Posts, Entry Directory

Other Phenomenology Entries
Merleau-Ponty Phenomenology Series, Entry Directory

Castañeda's indexical reference, first-person pronoun, and transcendental selfhood

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