12 Jul 2011

Corry Shores, Entry Directory

by Corry Shores
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Entry Directory for the Finished Writings of
Corry Shores

My Publications

Misbehaving Machines: The Emulated Brains of Transhumanist Dreams


Body and World in Merleau-Ponty and Deleuze

[Information at Studia Phaenomenologica] 

“Being Machine: Two Competing Models for Neuroprosthesis”

[Pre-print version]

‘Ragged Time’ in Intra-panel Comics Rhythm

[Online at The Comics Grid] 

[PDF at Academia.edu]

The Minor Machinery of Animal Packs: Becoming as Survival in Spiegelman’s Maus


The Logic of Gilles Deleuze: Basic Principles

My PhD Thesis

Difference and Phenomena: A Deleuzean Phenomenal Analysis of Body, Time, and Selfhood

[More info here for publication records/citation.]

My MPhil Thesis
“The Rhythm of Sensation on the Surface of Sense: Communication in Deleuze as NonSensed and Intense”
Entry Directory: Rhythm of Sensation thesis

Text-Only Conference Presentations

Conference Version of Do Posthumanists Dream of Pixilated Sheep? Bostrom & Sandberg's Brain Emulation, Examined and Critiqued

Melodies of Time: Deleuze’s Anti-Husserlian Theory of Phenomena

Resonance and Phenomena: Sensations of Intensity

Multi-Media Conference Presentations
The Still of Time: A-Temporal Phenomena in the Duration of Deleuze’s Bergson

Figure and Phenomena: Deleuze’s Anti-Gestaltist Perceptions

Cézanne and the Phenomenon: Painting Divergences in Merleau-Ponty and Deleuze

Motionless Duration in Deleuze's Bergson

Dada and Phenomena: Butchering Merleau-Ponty's Flesh with Deleuze's Differential Machines

Difference and Sensation: Deleuze's Spinozistic Affect

Cinema and Synthesis: Time for a PreProcessed Deleuze

Who's the Real Paul Masson? Personal Non-Identity in Deleuze's Orson Welles

Co-Authored Conference Presentations,

with Scott Wollschleger [Multi-Media]

Rhythm without Time: Difference & Phenomena

Co-Authored Conference Presentations,

with Julie Van der Wielen [Multi-Media]

Kneading Friendship: Deleuze, Blanchot, and the Folding of Disciplines

Friendship as a Condition for Thought: Blanchot, Deleuze and the Discourse of Philosophy, by Van der Wielen and Shores

Other Posthumanism Writings
Entry Directory, Bostrom and Sandberg's Brain Emulation, Examined and Critiqued

Deleuze and Posthumanism Paper, Entry Directory, "Do Posthumanists Dream of Pixelated Sheep? Mental Uploading under Deleuzean Critique"

Conference version of Do Posthumanists Dream of Pixilated Sheep? Bostrom & Sandberg’s Brain Emulation, Examined and Critiqued

Papers for the Leuven Husserl Archive Seminars and Courses
Husserl’s Complex Intention and Its Unintended Tension: The Ambiguous Constitution of Consciousness Happening Now

Husserl’s Wandering Wonder: The Tensed Body’s Supple Spirit (Object Constitution and Synthesis from the Body to Cultural Objects)
Castañeda's indexical reference, first-person pronoun, and transcendental selfhood
Foucault and Deleuze in Nikolas Rose's “Authority and the Genealogy of Subjectivity”

Heidegger’s Mysterious Omission: William Desmond’s Critique of Heidegger’s Origin of the Work of Art

My MA Master's Thesis

[not recommended for reading; Pre-Deleuze Period]

UnReading Heidegger & Derrida

Another Pre-Deleuze Era Paper
African Fractal Deconstruction

Non-Non-Fiction Works

“On What is True,” containing “The Self-Execution”


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