2 Apr 2016

Suppes’ Introduction to Logic, entry directory


by Corry Shores


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An entry collected the brief summaries can be found here:

Suppes’ Introduction to Logic, collected brief summaries




Entry Directory for


Patrick Suppes


Introduction to Logic



Ch. 3 Symbolizing Everyday Language


§3.2 Terms


§3.3 Predicates


§3.4 Quantifiers


§3.5 Bound and Free variables



Ch. 9 Sets


§9.1 Introduction


§9.2 Membership


§9.3 Inclusion


§9.4 The Empty Set


§9.5 Operations on Sets


§9.6 Domains and Individuals


§9.7 Translating Everyday Language


§9.8 Venn Diagrams


§9.9 Elementary Principles About Operations on Sets



Ch. 10. Relations


§10.1 Ordered Couples


§10.2 Definition of Relations


§10.3 Properties of Binary Relations


§10.4 Equivalence Relations


§10.5 Ordering Relations


§10.6 Operations on Relations



Ch. 11. Functions


§11.1 Definition


§11.2 Operations on Functions




Suppes, Patrick. Introduction to Logic. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold / Litton Educational, 1957.


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