31 Mar 2016

Agler’s Symbolic Logic: Syntax, Semantics, and Proof, entry directory

by Corry Shores
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A version with the inclusion of brief summaries and examples can be found here:

Agler’s Symbolic Logic: Syntax, Semantics, and Proof, collected brief summaries [with examples]



Entry Directory for


David W. Agler


Symbolic Logic: Syntax, Semantics, and Proof


Introduction / Ch.1:


Ch.1: Propositions, Arguments, and Logical Properties
Sections 1.1-1.2: Propositions – Arguments


Section 1.3: Deductively Valid Arguments
Section 1.4: Summary



Ch.2: Language, Syntax, and Semantics

2.1 Truth Functions


2.2 The Symbols of PL and Truth-Functional Operators


2.3 Syntax of PL


2.4 Disjunction, Conditional, Biconditional


2.5 Advanced Translation



Ch.3: Truth Tables


3.1 Valuations (Truth-Value Assignments)


3.2 Truth Tables for Propositions


3.3 Truth Tables Analysis of Propositions


3.4 Truth Tables Analysis of Sets of Propositions


3.5 The Material Conditional Explained (Optional)


3.6 Truth Table Analysis of Arguments


3.7 Short Truth Table Test for Invalidity



Ch.4: Truth Trees


4.1 Truth-Tree Setup and Basics in Decomposition


4.2 Truth-Tree Decomposition Rules


4.3 The Remaining Decomposition Rules


4.4 Basic Strategies


4.5 Truth-Tree Walk Through


4.6 Logical Properties of Truth Trees



Ch.5: Propositional Logic Derivations


5.1 Proof Construction


5.2 Premises and the Goal Proposition


5.3 Intelim Derivation Rules


5.4 Strategies for Proofs


5.5 Additional Derivation Rules (PD+)


5.6 Additional Derivation Strategies



Ch.6: Predicate Language, Syntax, and Semantics


6.1 The Expressive Power of Predicate Logic


6.2 The Language of RL


6.3 The Syntax of RL


6.4 Predicate Semantics


6.5 Translation from English to Predicate Logic


6.6 Mixed and Overlapping Quantifiers



Ch.7: Predicate Logic Trees


7.1 Four New Decomposition Rules


7.2 Strategies for Decomposing Trees


7.3 Logical Properties


7.4 Undecidability and the Limits of the Predicate Tree Method



Ch.8: Predicate Logic Derivations


8.1 Four Quantifier Rules


8.2 Quantifier Negation (QN)


8.3 Sample Proofs























Agler, David. Symbolic Logic: Syntax, Semantics, and Proof. New York: Rowman & Littlefield, 2013.



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