26 Feb 2009

Vergauwen, A Metalogical Theory of Reference, Introduction, §15

by Corry Shores
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[The following is summary. Paragraph headings are my own.]

Roger Vergauwen

A Metalogical Theory of Reference: Realism and Essentialism in Semantics

Chapter 1.1 Introduction: Truth Definition and Semantics

§15 Tarski's Truth Conditional Semantics

Later we will examine the relation between models and reality. But first we will examine how truth functions in model theoretic semantics.

Tarksi innovated truth conditional semantics. He tried to determine how much we can characterize and define the semantic concept of truth in formal languages. Model theoretic semantics finds this important. For, its formal language -- the intensional logic -- "functions as a semantic metalanguage in analyzing the concept of meaning for an object language, which in this instance will be natural language." (1)

Vergauwen, Roger. A Metalogical Theory of Reference: Realism and Essentialism in Semantics. London: University Press of America, 1993.

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