16 Jul 2016

Gil Roth’s Virtual Memories


by Corry Shores

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Gil Roth


Virtual Memories




Gil Roth makes excellent potcast interviews of writers and cartoonists. The recording quality is high, and overall they are very pleasant to the ear as well as being interesting and fun to listen to. I have only heard his ones with cartoonists so far, but I can say that Roth has a great interviewing style, because he probes into the craft, thinking, and influences of the cartoonists. I very highly recommend his podcasts. I recently benefited a lot from his interview with Mary Fleener when writing my paper on rhythm in comics.


This page lists all his guests:



And this page lists cartoonists:



He has interviews for example with Scott McCloud, Peter BaggeDan Perkins, Ivan Brunetti, Seth, and many others.






Gil Roth. Virtual Memories.




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