4 Jan 2018

Terence Blake’s ‘SCHIZOANALYSIS: “Never lose your grace”’


by Corry Shores


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Terence Blake


SCHIZOANALYSIS: “Never lose your grace”


In this post Blake discusses Deleuze’s ideas of music and grace (and disgrace):

Another word for grace is provided by Deleuze in DIALOGUES: charm: “charm is not the person. It is what makes people be grasped [NB: “saisir”, one could almost translate “prehended”] as so many combinations and as so many unique chances that such a combination has been drawn (p 5, translation modified by me).


For Deleuze grace and “dis-grace” are intimately linked. It is the “dis-gracious” points of craziness or fragility, of  lived deconstruction, that are occasions of grace. Lulu’s cry and Rolnik’s song express the cracking open of carapaces, “opening onto a spiritual life capable of creating its own forms” (Deleuze’s seminar, 17-05-83, my translation). Grace: weaken, crack, open, create, individuate.

(Terence Blake)












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