4 Jan 2018

Terence Blake’s ‘NOTES TOWARDS A DIVINATIONIST MANIFESTO: Noesis and Becoming in Deleuze and Stiegler’


by Corry Shores


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Terence Blake


NOTES TOWARDS A DIVINATIONIST MANIFESTO: Noesis and Becoming in Deleuze and Stiegler


The notion of divination is very important for Deleuze’s metaphysical and ethical thinking in The Logic of Sense. Terrence Blake gives an excellent treatment of the topic of divination at this entry. Let me quote some parts that I find to be very well formulated and also very useful:

1) Divination is not concerned with predicting causally a certain or probable future.

2) Divination is not concerned with knowledge of causes but performance of quasi-causes

3) Divination is the putting oneself in relation with the virtual powers and meanings (gods, demons, becomings) at work now that are shaping the future by their struggle towards actualisation

4) The principle of divination is synchronicity or meaningful contingency, meaningful encounter

5) Divination is performative in that it actively contributes to the production of the future that it envisions or to its avoidance: divination is active performance not passive reception

6) Divination is not conformist but transgressive: in performing the future it de-solidifies an existing state of affairs, making both it and its constitutive rules more fluid


10) Divinationism has traversed the nihilist collapse of instituted significations: it is a surnihilist hermeneutics of contingency


14) Divination is the noetic leap at moments of bifurcation, small and large, perceiving the forces and comprehending their meaning, choosing the individuating path

(Terence Blake)












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