4 Jan 2018

Plumwood & Sylvan [Routley & Routley]. (2.3) “Negation and Contradiction”, [Contradiction and Incompatibility]


by Corry Shores


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Val Plumwood

(at that time as: Val Routley)




Richard Sylvan

(at that time as: Richard Routley)



“Negation and Contradiction”



The Philosophical Centrality of Negation, and the Historical Entanglement of Negation with Ontological Issues



[Contradiction and Incompatibility]


[quoting, with my own boldface:]


Parasitic on negation is contradiction. A contradictory situation is one where both B and ~B (it is not the case that B) hold for some B. An explicit contradiction is a statement of the form B and ~B. A statement C is contradictory, it is often said, if it entails both B and also ~B for some B, etc. Contradiction is always characterized in terms of negation and the logical behaviour of contradictions is dependent on that of negation. Different accounts of negation result not merely in different conceptions of contradiction and of incompatibility, they likewise correspond to different accounts of what constitutes a describable world, what constitutes a logically assessible world. Classical negation restricts such worlds to possible worlds, excluding contradictory and incomplete worlds.






Routley, Richard. and Val Routley. 1985. “Negation and Contradiction.” Revista Colombiana de Matematicas, 19: 201-231.






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