4 Jan 2018

O Mayeux’s Artefacts, Print Publication Announcement


by Corry Shores


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Update: Publication of
O Mayeux
Previously we examined O Mayeux’s ‘[2403] “of between us : / it was good or leather’ from his Artefacts project (reproduced again below). Michael Jacobson at The New Post-literate: A Gallery Of Asemic Writing is announcing the print publication of  O Mayeaux’s book Artefacts at Post-Asemic Press.
O Mayeux
Artefacts [project]
‘[2403] “of between us : / it was good or leather’
Works displayed:
O Mayeux.  ‘[2403] “of between us : / it was good or leather’.  From Artefacts. Image taken from (and used with the author’s permission):


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