18 Jan 2018

Notification of: Priest & Ralón, “Interview with Graham Priest [by Laureano Ralón]”


by Corry Shores


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Notification of


Graham Priest & Laureano Ralón


“Interview with Graham Priest [by Laureano Ralón]”



This is a notification of an excellent interview between Graham Priest and Laureano Ralón at Figure/Ground:



I really appreciate the philosophical thinking and curiosities in Ralón’s questions, and the richness of Priest’s answers attests to their quality.


There is even a part about Deleuze and Priest’s philosophy:

Ralón: “Returning to the earlier question about nothingness, I wonder if the notion of nothing as simultaneously being a mereological sum (the sum of everything which is not an object) and the ineffable (the absence of all things) can lead to a more positive, affirmative and even productive characterization of it. As a matter of fact, a number of scholars associated with the “realist turn” have read your notion of contradiction along deleuzian lines, i.e., as suggesting an unstable foundation that’s responsible for an ontogenesis of the real. Is your notion of contradiction (and nothingness) simply a logical derivation, or do you see further metaphysical/ontological ramifications to your discovery…”

(Laureano Ralón, “Interview with Graham Priest [by Laureano Ralón],” boldface is mine)


Speaking as a Deleuzean, Priest has been an enormous philosophical inspiration for my attempts to understand Deleuze’s philosophy of logic. [I emailed Ralón asking about these scholars reading Priest along Deleuzian lines, and I will update this post if I learn more about that.]


There is much more of great philosophical interest in the interview regarding for example the topic of Heidegger and nothing, by the way. I recommend taking a look.






Priest, Graham, and Ralón, Laureano. 2018 (Jan 1). “Interview with Graham Priest [by Laureano Ralón].” Web. Figure/Ground. Accessed 18-01-2018.






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