1 Jul 2011

The Sublime, Entry Directory

by Corry Shores
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The Sublime

Musical Arrangement of Words in Longinus' Sublime

Lyotard. Jean-François Lyotard


Kant's Mathematical Sublime (§25)

Kant's Mathematical Sublime (§26)

Mathematical Sublime (§27)


Schiller "Of the Sublime: Toward the Further Elaboration of Some Kantian Ideas"

Schiller "On the Sublime" summary and text

Schiller, "On the Tragic Art," 1st part summary

Schiller, "Of the Cause of the Pleasure We Derive from Tragic Objects," 1st part summary

Schiller, "Reflections on the Use of the Vulgar and Low Elements in Works of Art"
Achilles' Shield (Shield of Achilles) as Illustration to Schiller's Aesthetical Essays

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