17 Jul 2011

Posthumanism / Transhumanism, Entry Directory

by Corry Shores
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Posthumanism / Transhumanism



Andy Clark


Andy Clark, Entry Directory

Article Summary, Nick Bostrom & Anders Sandberg
"Whole Brain Emulation: A Roadmap"

Entry Directory for Nick Bostrom & Anders Sandberg: Whole Brain Emulation (WBE) (Mental Uploading / Mental Downloading)

Article Summary, Nick Bostrom's
"Why I Want to be a Posthuman When I Grow Up"

Article Summary,
Fabrice Jotterand's
"Beyond Therapy and Enhancement: The Alteration of Human Nature"

Article Summary, Dieter Birnbacher's
Posthumanity, Transhumanism and Human Nature"

Birnbacher, "Posthumanity, Transhumanism and Human Nature," summary

Article Summary, Leon Kass'
"Ageless Bodies, Happy Souls: Biotechnology and the Pursuit of Perfection"

Article Summary, Kurt Bayertz'
"Human Nature: How Normative Might It Be?"
Article Summary, Ludwig Siep's
Normative Aspects of the Human Body"

Entry Directory: Siep, Normative Aspects of the Human Body

Article Summary, David Heyd's
"Human Nature: An Oxymoron?"

Entry Directory, "Human Nature: An Oxymoron?" Heyd

Article Summary, William Bainbridge's
"Converging Technologies and Human Destiny"

Article Summary, George Khushf's
"The Ethics of NBIC Convergence"
Article Summary and Deleuzean Commentary, Andy Clark's
Re-Inventing Ourselves: The Plasticity of Embodiment, Sensing, and Mind"

Andy Clark's Cyborgs and Deleuze's Restructive Element

Summaries from Katherine Hayles'
How We Became Posthuman:
Virtual Bodies in Cybernetics, Literature, and Informatics

Extended Mind Hypothesis

Clark & Chalmer’s Extended Mind, Summary

Andy Clark. Natural-Born Cyborgs. Ch2 Pt1 ‘Heavy Metal’

Menary’s ‘Introduction [to The Extended Mind]: The Extended Mind in Focus’

Andy Clark's "Re-Inventing Ourselves: The Plasticity of Embodiment, Sensing, and Mind"

Andy Clark. ‘Momento’s Revenge: The Extended Mind, Extended’, summary

Andy Clark. Being There: Putting Brain, Body, and World Together Again, entry directory

Andy Clark, Supersizing the Mind, entry directory

Frederick B. Mills “A Phenomenological Approach to Psychoprosthetics”, summary

Some (mostly) Recent Scientific Developments in Brain Machine Interface (for Robotic Prosthesis), Neuroplasticity, Neurocomputation, and Whole Brain Emulation

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