5 Mar 2013

Andy Clark, entry directory

summary by Corry Shores
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Entry Directory for

Andy Clark

clark. utdallas.edu .clark-andy-2010-10
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Articles and Book Chapters

Clark & Chalmer’s Extended Mind, Summary


Andy Clark's "Re-Inventing Ourselves: The Plasticity of Embodiment, Sensing, and Mind"

Andy Clark. ‘Momento’s Revenge: The Extended Mind, Extended’, summary

Natural Born Cyborgs

Andy Clark. Natural-Born Cyborgs. Ch2 Pt1 ‘Heavy Metal’

Being There:
Putting Brain, Body, and World Together Again

Andy Clark. Being There: Putting Brain, Body, and World Together Again, entry directory

Supersizing the Mind

Andy Clark, Supersizing the Mind, entry directory

Works about Clark


Menary’s ‘Introduction [to The Extended Mind]: The Extended Mind in Focus’

Clark. edge.org and clark101
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