11 Jul 2011

Gottried Leibniz, Entry Directory

by Corry Shores
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Gottfried Leibniz

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New Essays on Human Understanding

No Man is a Memory-Cone Entire of Itself. From Gottfried Leibniz' New Essays on Human Understanding

Leibniz and Zeno's Paradox

Zeno's Paradoxes of Infinite Divisibility, with Aristotle's, Spinoza's, & Leibniz' commentary, and Stoic & Deleuze's Infinitely-Divisible Present

Law of Continuity

Leibniz' Letter on his Law of Continuity and his "Critical Thoughts on the General Part of the Principles of Descartes," regarding Descartes' errors

Examples of Status Transitus / Status Terminus and the Law of Continuity in Leibniz’ Cum Prodiisset

Parabola Obtained from Ellipse through a Limiting Process, in Hilbert and Cohn-Vossen's Geometry and the Imagination

Mens Momentanea

Leibniz' Mens Momentanea (Momentary Mind) in Studies in Physics and the Nature of Body

Deleuze, Différence et répétition (Difference and Repetition), Chap 2, first paragraph

Leibniz and Computation

Leibniz' Representation and Computation of Binary Numerals

Leibniz Calculus Explanation, with Famous Triangle Illustration, as Seen in Deleuze

Katz’ and Sherry’s Article on Leibniz’ Infinitesimals and Robinson’ Non-Standard Analysis

Entry Directory for Katz and Sherry’s “Infinitesimals: Their Fictionality, Their Modern Implementations, And Their Foes From Berkeley To Russell And Beyond”

Leibniz and the History of Calculus

Euler in the History of the Calculus

Lagrange in the History of the Calculus

Carnot in the History of the Calculus

Lagrange's Algebraicization of Analysis and Wronski's Critique, in Bottazzini's The Higher Calculus and in Boyer's History of the Calculus

Leibniz' Calculus in Other Applications

Deleuze and Dance Part II: At the Limit of What Bodies Can Do: Michael Jackson’s Fullness of Death, Under Spinoza's Microscope

Deleuze’s Dance, III. Wonders of Phenomena: The Infinite Grace of Bergson and Kleist; or the Nietzschean Dance of Deleuzean Dice

Leibniz in Bergson

Determinism's Hollow Music TF §90 To Prove Conscious States Determined, We Should Have to Show... Bergson. Time and Free Will

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