12 Sep 2009

Ecstasy and Dance Infinity: Richard Stadler’s Body Cosmic (New Directions, continued)

by Corry Shores
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New Dirctions, continued

Ecstasy and Dance Infinity:

Richard Stadler’s Body Cosmic

Co-contributor Richard Stadler will begin discussions on dance meditation. He is a professional dancer who specializes in ecstatic expressionism.

Richard uncovers knowledge of our body’s cosmic spiritual dance. Ecstasy. It opens our awareness: to oneness, health, and elevation.

We will follow Richard’s insights. Our commentary takes a Deleuzean Spinozist perspective. What can a dancing body do? What is the one underlying divine substance that ecstatic dance expresses? How are bodies affectual and affected? What is the pure positivity of ecstasy? Do our body’s dances express God’s infinite? How can we incorporate this knowledge into our daily practice?

Look here for videos of his works. And thanks Rich for expanding the scope of our discussions.

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