12 Sept 2011

Clifford Duffy Entry Directory

by Corry Shores  

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If you have not experienced yet Clifford Duffy's works, you can find a list of his poetry sites on the left column under the title: "Clifford Duffy's Poetry of the Future: A Breakthrough of Genre." I think you will be surprised by how remarkably amazing his writing is, how prolific he has been, and how generous he is by giving away his wonderful works for free on an almost daily basis.

Entry Directory for
Clifford Duffy


Poetry Selections, with My Commentary

Intensity and the Set in Clifford Duffy's "Set theory"

No Reign May Be: Infinite Unsaying in Clifford Duffy's 'around'

The Feeling of Clifford Duffy's News Machine

Word-Engine Fueling: Clifford Duffy's cărbune

And Intense: Clifford Duffy's 'and'

Amazing New Clifford Duffy Innovations

As Time Breathes

Time & 'of', Clifford Duffy

Clifford Duffy's Velocity Variations in 'how jill eats'

Clifford Duffy's New Work on Time

Time and Inquiry in Clifford Duffy's Ask

 Clifford Duffy’s “That’s What I Name”

Poetry Selections, without Commentary

‘D nce n ked with your body on the high hill of happiness’, Clifford Duffy’s ‘'As you”

Clifford Duffy's Midnight

Waking Up to Radio Deleuze

Clifford Duffy is On

The Poet's Belief: Clifford Duffy's 'Believes'

Clifford Duffy's Voice of Creation in 'foghorn and blue'

Clifford Duffy's repair renew

rain goeth by Clifford Duffy

Behold Poop On Freud: More Great Clifford Duffy Poems

Clifford Duffy. wind and. Recall to Poetry. 2010.09.05

Parsing Duffy

Clifford Duffy. Pirate Artist Revolution, a Poetic Manifesto (Intellectual Property and Its Public Ownership)

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