21 Sep 2011

Emergentism, Entry Directory

by Corry Shores
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Deleuze microperceptions yellow blue green differential perception animation

(Animation above is my own, made with Open Office Draw and Unfreeze.)

General Texts on Emergentism

Conceptual Foundations of Emergence Theory, Entry Directory, Clayton

Deleuze, Trans/Posthumanism & Emergentist Ideas

Deleuze and Posthumanism Paper, Part 4 "Emerging Minds", of "Do Posthumanists Dream of Pixelated Sheep?"

Entry Directory for Nick Bostrom & Anders Sandberg: Whole Brain Emulation (WBE) (Mental Uploading / Mental Downloading)

Entry Directory, Bostrom and Sandberg's Brain Emulation, Examined and Critiqued
Awake! Arise! or be Forever Disorganized; Bostrom and Sandberg's Brain Emulation, Examined and Critiqued. Section 3
Posthumanism and Pixels, Condensed Version

Conference Version of Do Posthumanists Dream of Pixilated Sheep? Bostrom & Sandberg's Brain Emulation, Examined and Critiqued

Emergence & Computation

Cellular Automata and Dynamic Emergence in Humphreys "Synchronic and Diachronic Emergence"

Neural Emergence

Analog & Entropy in Neural Computation

Connectionism and Neuronal Emergence in The Embodied Mind: Cognitive Science and Human Experience

Feinberg, Why the Mind is Not a Radically Emergent Feature of the Brain

Bateson, Maxwell’s Dynamic Emergence, in Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity


  1. Can I use any of your illustrations in my essay so long as I give you proper reference? They're so good that I can't really top them.

  2. Yes, of course! But often I use other people's illustrations. I think I have them clearly distinguished when I made them or when I have taken them from other sources. Just contact me again if it is unclear. Also, I would be interested in seeing your essay after it is written. Best wishes, Corry