1 Jul 2011

Scott Wollschleger, Entry Directory

by Corry Shores
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Differential Music History Series

The Differential Music History Series, Entry Directory

Other Authored Entries

Horowitz' Hands

Philosophical Questions and Commentary

Scott Wollschleger’s Inquisitive Connection between Engineering and Positivity (From Comments to the Summary of Welchman’s “Machinic Thinking")

Scott Wollschleger's Realistic View of Obama

The Density of the Irrational Numbers

Scott Wollschleger on Nietzsche contra Wagner

Symbols of Generality in Difference and Repetition

Substitution Substituting Creativity

Substituting Positivity

Shattering Geometrical Fetters: Euler's Analysis Revolution

Deleuze’s Dance, III. Wonders of Phenomena: The Infinite Grace of Bergson and Kleist; or the Nietzschean Dance of Deleuzean Dice

Scott Wollschleger's Sunday Afternoon Delirium and Further Thoughts About...

Responses to Wollschleger's Posts

Narrative and Power in Scott Wollschleger’s Story Store

Philosophy Conference Presentations

Video Collaboration

Reality in New York's New Music Red Light District

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