10 Jul 2011

Aristotle, Entry Directory

by Corry Shores
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Family Wealth: Aristotle on Chrematistics and Oikonomia in Politics, Book I, Sections 8 & 9

This City of Gold: The Importance of Wealth-Seeking (Chrematistics) for the Flourishing of Cities, in Aristotle's Politics, Book 7, Part 6

Other Entries

Zeno's Paradoxes of Infinite Divisibility, with Aristotle's, Spinoza's, & Leibniz' commentary, and Stoic & Deleuze's Infinitely-Divisible Present

Conceptual Foundations of Emergence Theory, 2. The PreHistory of the Emergence Concept, Clayton

Ancient Chaos: Ch 2.1 of Mainzer, Thinking in Complexity: The Computational Dynamics of Matter, Mind, and Mankind

Deranging Ourselves. Arthur Rimbaud. Letter To Georges Izambard. 13 May 1871. And Letter to Paul Demeny. 15 May 1871

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