17 Apr 2011

Deleuze Cinema Update: Dreaming of Dada. Buster Keaton. Sherlock Jr.

by Corry Shores
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Buster Keaton. Sherlock Jr.

Buster Keaton. Sherlock Jr.


  1. Corry,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    I was just reading your 'reading'. Or rather, since you are not interpreting it, your 'tracing' of this poem. I think that your poetic reflection on the poem really pays attention to the embodied experience of reading a poem. Noticing how our eyes move back and forth describes visual experience. This is something I think people like me (who is grounded in hermeneutics) forget. Not to mention my students, who still think that to read a poem is to extract information.

    When I read the poem, and perhaps its because I didn't read it 'closely' (or far enough?), I didn't notice the 'gap' that you point out. I think the shortness of the poem should have caused me to see/read the gap and ask myself: "Why is that there?" (which, as you say, creates a kind of intense moment). Perhaps this is the power of the poem's sparseness. More words would obscure that gap.


  2. . . .I commented on the wrong post. Sorry about that.