26 Aug 2016

Kennedy, “Metaphor in Pictures,” partial summary






  1. I love this! the title the metaphor picture idea. it's already a metaphor_ as it were_ a concept conceiving? or what's the word a concept in inception rather. the title rich in reference each word abundant with connotation from the first word _Kennedy_ one asks does he mean that old president? and then Metaphor in Pictures itself in quotes is suggestive of a poetry of parenthesis and pause? followed by partial summary! ah partial! another laden word / Can something which is partial be a summary? one thinks of partial objects, and bodies without organs, and the suggestiveness of some of these ideas expressed in A/O antioedipus. And finally the last word all upper cased
    FORTHCOMING as in a movie that hasnt been released yet but is coming soon to a theatre) near your (and how closer than one's mind?)mind metaphor changing becomings forth to go and come partial summary metaphorical picturing reading Kennedy (dead kennedys?) or some philosopher only the author knows of ? what haiku of inception and reception for the reader's delight O metamorphoses! O planes of intensity.
    We read and write in scraps and pieces of our partial amnesiac aphasias thirsting for an Outside that frees from our bodies creating ever fresh lines of flight light lines of deterritorialization.

  2. a little riff sent this late night across the beams and territories of earth and sky,a poem of perception and the partial objects of desire a feather-weight inthe sun of reading and writing an ever ongoing discourse that reaches further into what we become to make things happen? improvise a word contiguous to promise.

  3. delays of reading and desire machine/where the blog and the text end and start? a new machine which we're not sure yet it's meaning in the larger scheme of things. and the "blogosphere" itself a fibrillating thing whose shape and sense has changed over these last 14 years.

    1. Thanks Clifford! You made this place-holding post into something all its own! You caught it before I put the actual post in, because I decided in the end to do a full summary and not just a partial one. So there was a delay. It is a very fun essay about how images can present literary tropes. Your response to this post reminds me a little of how I felt when I read your poem 18 rivers on Recall. http://recalltopoetry.blogspot.com.tr/2016/07/18-rivers.html
      I was very moved by it, but I did not know how to put my response into words. I will still try to do a post on it if I can.