24 Jun 2016

Nolt, Logics, entry directory

by Corry Shores

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[Note, starting with section 16.2, the paragraphs are enumerated, and the larger sections are divided by the numbered paragraphs that are summarized in that post.]

Entry Directory for
John Nolt
Part 3: Classical Predicate Logic
Chapter 6: Classical Predicate Logic: Syntax
Chapter 8: Classical Predicate Logic: Inference
Part 4: Extensions of Classical Logic
Chapter 11: Leibnizian Modal Logic
Chapter 12: Kripkean Modal Logic
Chapter 13: Deontic and Tense Logics
13.2 A Modal Tense Logic
Chapter 14: Higher-Order Logics
Part 5: Nonclassical Logics
Chapter 15: Mildly Nonclassical Logics
15.3 Supervaluations
Chapter 16: Radically Nonclassical Logics
16.2 Intuitionistic Logics
16.3 Relevance Logics

16.3.1-16.3.21 [basic set-up of dialethic, relevant logic semantics]

Nolt, John. Logics. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, 1997.


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