2 May 2010

Jerry Lewis Complete Deleuze Cinema Reference Directory

by Corry Shores
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Entry Directory for
Jerry Lewis

The following is a directory for all of Deleuze's references to Jerry Lewis in the cinema books. Click on the links to see the text and the clips.

Hollywood or Bust

Hollywood or Bust. [Luck Spasm]

[Deleuze Cinema Update: Luck Spasm. Jerry Lewis. Hollywood or Bust]

Ladies' Man

Ladies Man. [Dance of Devour]

[Deleuze Cinema Update: Dance of Devour. Jerry Lewis. Ladies Man]

It's Only Money

It's Only Money. [Electrical Ravage]

[Deleuze Cinema Update: Electrical Ravage. Jerry Lewis. It's Only Money]

The Nutty Professor

The Nutty Professor. [Colors of Catastrophe]

[Deleuze Cinema Update: Colors of Catastrophe. Jerry Lewis. The Nutty Professor]

Who's Minding the Store

Who's Minding the Store?. [Vacuum of Desire]

[Deleuze Cinema Update: Vacuum of Devour. Jerry Lewis. Who's Minding the Store?]

The Patsy

The Patsy. [Gettin' Down to Zero]

[Deleuze Cinema Update: Gettin' Down to Zero. Jerry Lewis. The Patsy]

The Patsy. [Resonant Catastrophe]

[Deleuze Cinema Update: Resonant Catastrophe. Jerry Lewis. The Patsy]

The Disorderly Orderly

The Disorderly Orderly. [Disorderly Caddies]

[Deleuze Cinema Update: Disorderly Caddies. Jerry Lewis. The Disorderly Orderly]

Family Jewels

Family Jewels. [Swarming Jerry]

[Deleuze Cinema Update: Swarming Jerry. Jerry Lewis. Family Jewels]

Three on a Couch

Three On A Couch. [Implicated Persons]

[Deleuze Cinema Update: Implicated Persons. Jerry Lewis. Three On a Couch]

The Big Mouth

The Big Mouth. [The Character of Glue]

[Deleuze Cinema Update: The Character of Glue. Jerry Lewis. The Big Mouth]

Deleuze's General Observations On Jerry Lewis:

On Sounds and Jargons in Lewis. [Sounding Jargons]

[Deleuze Cinema Update: Sounding Jargon. Jerry Lewis. [Deleuze's General Observations on Sounds and Jargons in Jerry Lewis]]

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