8 May 2014

Priest (11.1) In Contradiction, ‘Contradictions in the World’, summary


by Corry Shores
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[The following is summary. All boldface, underlying and bracketed commentary are my own.]

Graham Priest

In Contradiction:
A Study of the Transconsistent

Part III. Applications

Ch.11. The Metaphysics of Change I:
The Instant of Change

11.1 Contradictions in the World

Brief Summary:

Priest will discuss true contradictions in the physical world.


Previously Priest examined dialetheias [true contradictions] belonging to the “abstract realm of logic (set theory and semantics)” [159]. Priest turns now to true contradictions found concretely in the empirical world. Perhaps the world is not something which can be consistent or inconsistent like propositions can be. [But we can make statements about the world, and perhaps there are physical situations whose descriptions produce dialetheias, true contradictions.]

Priest, Graham. In Contradiction: A Study of the Transconsistent. Oxford/New York: Oxford, 2006 [first published 1987].


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