13 Jul 2011

Making Your Hands Become Different

by Scott Wollschleger

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Carl Czerny
1791 – 1857

Individuality is difference.

The expression of a self emerges from the power which is difference itself.

Individuation is created through a process of differentiation.
Individuation is differentiation.

What makes a difference?

Czerny - a machine composer.

His question to us is, "How do I continually differentiate the music?”. The technique itself has to become different throughout. It does this by remaining the “same” in one sense while changing in another. One sense will say, " Yes, this again". Yet, the other sense will force our hand to change its relationship to the keyboard, as if to say, “No, this must be different now”.

Technique is developed through the increase of connective differences communicating throughout the living hand and body. Czerny helps our hands become different from themselves.

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