1 Jan 2000

Dutch Grammar. 5.1 Articles. Donaldson

presentation of Donaldson’s work, by Corry Shores

Bruce Donaldson

Bruce. Dutch: A Comprehensive Grammar

5 Articles (lidwoorden)

5.1 The Indefinite Article (het onbepaald lidwoord)

In English, the indefinite article is a or an. In Dutch, the indefinite article is een. It is pronounced ’n. The number one is also een. However, it is pronounced with a long e. And when it is unclear which is intended, numeral een can be written één. Een might be found under an obsolete case form in certain expressions.



on the one hand

het leed ener moeder

the sorrow of a mother


Donaldson, Bruce. Dutch: A Comprehensive Grammar. London & New York: Routledge, 1997. More information and limited preview available at http://books.google.be/books?id=MSu4S71NzjkC&dq=Donaldson,+Bruce.+Dutch:+A+Comprehensive+Grammar.&hl=en&source=gbs_navlinks_s

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