13 May 2000 Synonyms and homonyms, defined, in L'Huillier, Advanced French Grammar

presentation of L'Huillier's work, by Corry Shores

[Subsection headings are my own]

Monique L'Huillier

Advanced French Grammar

1. Framework

1.1 Parts of Speech

1.1.11 Synonyms, homonyms, derivation and word class shifts Synonyms and homonyms Definitions

a) synonyms

A synonym is another word with the identical meaning, or at least a similar one.


redouter, craindre, avoir peur de

b) homonyms

There are two classes of homonyms:

b1) homophones

A homophone is a word that shares the same vocal sound with another word, yet it has a different spelling and meaning.


saint, sein, seing [signature], sain [sɛ̃]

vin, vain [vɛ̃]

Troie, Troyes, trois, [tʀwa]

au, eau [o]

mer, mère, maire, [mɛʁ]

b2) homographs

A homograph is a word that we spell the same as another word, yet they have unrelated meanings.


(un boulet de) canon, un canon (de beauté)

L'Huillier, Monique. Advanced French Grammar. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999.
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