3 May 2000 Demonstrative Adjectives, in L'Huillier, Advanced French Grammar

presentation of L'Huillier's work, by Corry Shores

[Subsection headings are my own]

Monique L'Huillier

Advanced French Grammar

1. Framework

1.1 Parts of Speech

1.1.4 Determiners Demonstrative Adjectives

(i) Simple Demonstrative Adjectives

ce (cet), cette, ces are the simple demonstrative adjectives. Depending on their context of use, we may translate them as 'this' or 'that', 'these' or 'those.'

For example: 
ce livre; cet hôtel; cette robe; ces gens.

(ii) The Compound Adjectives

In order to indicate the proximity-to or the distance-away-from the speaker, we compound our nouns by adding -ci or -to the end.

1) Temporal distance from the speaker:
For example: Ce jour-, je me sentais pas très bien.
That day, I wasn't feeling very flowers.

2) Spatial proximity to the speaker:
For example: Ces fleurs-ci me plaisent.

L'Huillier, Monique. Advanced French Grammar. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999.
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